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A Cha Cha Universe!

November 30th, 2009

The Universe told me today (via e-mail) that- IMG_1759

“Thinking brand new thoughts that you’ve never thought before Doug

is wildly more conducive to creating big life changes than just thinking different varieties of the same old thoughts you have everyday.

Think about it -The Universe

I shot back a reply- “Pardon my glibness oh great Devine Miss U. but I beg to differ…just a wee bit about what you just said!

The Universe (only mildly surprised) replies- “Excuse me Douglas, what is this your saying? Are you disagreeing with Moi?

Do you wish to stay locked on the same level of the game, NEVER achieving more?

Is this yet another excuse to not be all you want to be? Cuz, I have heard them ALL before trust m Bro!”

Trying to be insightful, I continue with – “No, your great U-ness not at all, what I am eluding to is, I do not think you need the to be so radical in your approach; going out seeking a brand new vocabulary to have “thoughts you’ve never thought before” to achieve these great life changes.

I believe you can approach this from a different angle and the same life-changing outcome will be afforded you. By taking bits and pieces from tried and true thoughts you already know, stringing them together in a different order and using a new line up to glean the benefits of a Brand NEW THOUGHT process.

Like dormant DNA just waiting to be activated, all the raw materials needed for change come from the past, which will create the present.

The Universe raises an eyebrow- “I am intrigued, my undivided attention Douglas is all yours, enlighten me!”

(Palms sweating and typing too fast)-“Well for instance, you can choreograph a brand new “never seen before” Change or if you indulge me my vernacular; a new Dance into your life… you can use old dance steps you already know, individual steps you are already comfortable with to create a New dance, it’s the order in which you place and choose to use them, or ones you may not have used in quiet a while that can truly CREATE CHANGE.

So may times the IDEA of making a “BIG LIFE CHANGE” has the added pressure that you have to do something Revolutionary, or Radical, something “Never been tried before”. Which will undoubtedly require schooling, or a “guts for glory” type of change like moving, or a new job, or perhaps a quest to seek enlightenment that requires you to learn a completely NEW language to go with this New lifestyle.

These ideas are usually followed by the slew of great reasons “Why” you cannot or should not begin to go there.

New is not easy; it is disruptive, expensive and scary, and it is not always better!

Then the Mother of all reasons “Why” speaks up…telling you “ Cha Cha what are you crazy? You don’t know how to Cha Cha silly!” Safety in guise of the dull and ordinary to the rescue.

WAIT but…“Of course you know how to Cha Cha! Why the power of ‘Cha Cha Choice’ is inside of you right now! No need to seek for outside tutelage, the building blocks to want to Cha Cha are just waiting the change in the music!

Go back to basics, your databanks: your permanent hard drive. Search through saved files, and open up some you may have forgotten.

Unlike learning a new language or new physical discipline where everything is foreign to you and you need to be taught from the beginning through a rigorous rhetoric of rules, repetition, you feel unsure, unstable and undeniably humbled, and at your age this is not a flattering color for you, you feel frustrated at every new lesson needed, the thousands required to lead you too THIS NEW CHANGE??? It’s an exponentially daunting ride.

“Hell, it is enough to blow off the class all together… giving yourself every excuse why it was just to hard to do.

You’re OLD; too busy; and really not ready for this kind of humiliation.

You can’t teach this old dog a new trick, or change this tiger’s stripes!

However, if you approach the challenge knowing you know this language, these “dance steps” already, it’s just that some steps are rusty, or been coupled to others which changing their original intent, you’ve forget the power of possibility they contain as unique stand-alone expressions.

Your obviously stuck in this “Cha Cha-free routine”; like a performer in a chorus line, doing the same show every day of every week for years on end. Just a cookie cutter dance, a perfectly safe self contained shuffle along.

Perhaps this Cha Cha will get you fired from your line-dancing life in the Chorus allowing you to be the budding Ingénue or dashing Leading man you once dreamed of.

The STAR, of your very own SOLD OUT SMASH HIT SHOW,and yes this could be a co-staring role shared with your significant other -as long as you take individual bows.


Who is the celebrity judge allowed to say if this change meets the criteria to be classified a SIGNIFICANT change?

(Hint) it’s not a Paula, Simon, or Randy, certainly not a Ryan, or your parents, bosses, friends or the Church or State (those guys are not even allowed in the theater).

So, Don’t Vote yourself off your island, make that Deal, wish upon that star, unwrap that Golden Ticket, move into the New dance that will SIGNIFICANTLY change your life, no need to change anything except your mind or learn anything new.

Still unsure? OK, Try this- close your bedroom door, put on your favorite “Damn I look Good Outfit”, hit the play button on the stereo, play your “I Am a Rock Star” favorite song up at full volume!

Allow your SIGNIFICANT OTHER TO COME OUT and join you so they can take the lead vocal while you play back-up air guitar, as you get used to the new rythmn.

Your significant other Kicks open your door, leading you into the spotlight turning to you sayng “Hey Dude… Remember this step we used to do?”  And without even thinking you fall into the groove you used to do and BINGO now you feel like a New Rock Star not a Has been Golden Oldie but a Bono-fied Bono. The song feels familiar but sounds totally KICK ASS!

You grab the Mic and just…FREESTYLE IT buddy!  No play-list, no net, just use everything you’ve ever believed, known or wanted to do and just FRICKIN’ FREESTYLE!

You know what? That sure looks like one hell of a COSMIC CHA CHA to me!

Universe- “Hmmmm you got the ‘dance between the lines’ of my challenge after all? You did well Dougger, now if you will, please excuse me while I slip on My Cha Cha Heels…!”