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Hello Cyber-travelers!

I trust you are Standing Wonderfully in a seated and upright position!  You know as my designer and I redo my web site I cannot help but recall the reactions I have gotten over the past couple of years about it’s content.

Some people have said that this web site “Should come with  Seat Belts!” or better yet that this site needs a  “Warning Label”. Saying that there is just so MUCH to take in…(I confess I was never really good at sitting static and still).

Some Folks feel Assaulted, others Inadequate, but most are just plain Overwhelmed by how much Wonder has managed to squeezed itself into one life, trust me, it freaks ME out most days too!

What started out for me as a “Quest for my own Clever” soon changed to allowing you to see the effect of your Cleverness in your lives, but Now…

Now…at 48, I KNOW Why I am HERE and what I am meant to do!!… I am here to BLAST you all into a space of-Wonderstanding life …it is not enough just be Inspired or tired by it. I want you to feel the Freedom of hurtling up into IT…hanging on dear and Joyful!!!

Oh and… Please make sure you Pay it Forward to other Danger seekers that you know, accept your part in creating a and Whole New World of Wonderstanding for those people looking for a Universal expression of wonder!!

“Need a light?”


2002 Emmy award
“Outstanding Choreography”
For the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games, Opening Ceremony

2002 American Choreographers award
“Outstanding Choreography”
For the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games, Opening Ceremony

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